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The Landmark Classic Concept

After the setback of the Australian EI outbreak and horse movement restrictions, the Landmark Classic evolved with a small band of supporters, keen to forge ahead with both a passion and business focus on establishing a stable market for performance horses in Australia.

The inaugural Landmark Classic was certainly modest in its beginning with 129 horses catalogued in the first sale held at the Tamworth Showground over two cold days in May 2008. The sale turned out to be an immediate success with a top price of $54,000 achieved with 123 horses offered for sale with a clearance of 92%, grossing $1.2 Million at an average of $10,710.

After that first sale the Classic Concept continued to grow as it relocated to the then brand new AELEC facility in Tamworth. As interest in the sale continued to grow vendors began to be restricted firstly to six horses, then to four nominations as well as additional restrictions to new vendors of two horses looking to become part of the Classic Concept.

Sale results for the six years to date of the sale are as follows: -


Numbers sold

Top Price

Sale Gross

Sale Average





$1.2 Million






$2.9 Million

$  9,075





$3.6 Million

$  9,882





$4.4 Million






$4.5 Million






4.75 Million



A number of factors have contributed to the success of the sale over the years; with the competition sale incentives attached to the sale the major change adopted by Landmark when the Classic Concept was created.

After the tragic loss of Charlie Maher, both the livestock and equine industry lost a foundation member of the Landmark Classic Team as well as one of the most passionate trainers of young horses and young people this industry has seen. 2014 will see the first running of the Young Guns Campdraft open to competitors aged 15 & under 25 years at the time of competition, who are eligible to compete on up to two horses that are also entered in one of the other campdraft competitions during the week.

Competitors are eligible to compete on any qualified horse, which does not have to be owned by the rider or the rider’s family, with each horse only allowed to compete once in the competition. The young guns draft will consist of one full round, plus a final, that will be run as part of the finals program that will be held on Thursday 6th February 2014.

A cash prize pool will be on offer of $5,000 along with a trophy buckle, name on the perpetual Charlie Maher Memorial Trophy, plus a service to the great “Chevin Ivory,” donated by Nigel & Carol Kable. In total the Young Guns Campdraft will have cash and prizes totalling a minimum of $10,000 and is sure to become one of the most sought after young rider awards in the country.

After the inaugural running of the “Good Drop” Australian Performance Horse Challenge, we are pleased to announce the increase in prize money for this event to $30,000, making it again a real highlight of the Classic week. Again all workouts will be available on our website and will again be run over two full rounds with a final, with round 1 to be a pre advertised dry working pattern and round 2 the indoor working cow pattern.

Sale Coordinator & National Livestock Director - Mark Barton commented - “We are responding to many clients’ requests to establish an event that promotes the slow correct solid training foundation that will make a long term Performance Horse”.

“The Challenge will combine both dry & wet work patterns, that will be run in the AELEC indoor arena & we believe showcase Australia’s best horseman & women riding the best young genetics in the country”.

“Campdrafting is a tough sport and requires a solid foundation on a young horse, to be competitive for the long term”. “The patterns & cow working sections will be unique patterns to our event, developed to show off what a young horse can achieve, not to push them beyond their capability”.